About Caduceus AI Scribe for Doctors and Clinicians

We believe that emerging technologies can significantly reduce doctor and healthcare worker burnout.

Healthcare worker burnout is real and one of the biggest problems facing the industry today!

We believe that technologies that exist today, a few of which are developed by us, can empower doctors, nurses, and clinicians to stop burnout. Technology used effectively–not for technology’s sake–can save so much time and suffering from healthcare workers, and much of the need is in training healthcare workers with existing technologies.

We work closely with training healthcare workers and solving real problems that they face everyday.

Who We Are

We’re a small software team building Caduceus with a shared vision of helping clinics become more effective and ensuring patients receive better care. We’re driven by our passion for healthcare innovation and solving real problems that clinicians face every day.

Dr. Jeff Hollis, a medical professional with 40 years of experience in clinical practice, brings deep insights into the challenges faced by healthcare providers and the importance of effective patient communication. His dedication to improving patient outcomes and streamlining medical processes has been instrumental in shaping software clinical capabilities.

Together, we’re building the software and educational resources to help providers stop burnout at their clinics and hospitals around the world.

We believe that this is an important battle for each clinician’s quality of work and life, and if we can help even a few healthcare workers have better lives as a result, we will have changed the world for the better.

Your AI Scribe Partner in Combating Doctor Burnout. Automation in Documentation and instructional resources for how to save time. 


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